Experimental Updates

30 January 17 Lately I've come to the realization that my experimental setup is not sufficiently sophisticated to truly probe possible superconductor/gravity interactions. By the same token null results by a research team in Dresden, Germany may similarly have had too simple an experimental procedure to reproduce the claims of Podkletnov, or even the work of Claude Poher in France. Two very important facts are relevant here to possible superconductor-gravity interactions, the second of which, intentionally, or by accident, both Poher and Podkletnov appear to have taken into account: 1). The theoretical appreciation that graviton emission, in atomic transitions, is hugely suppressed in nature vis-a-vis photon emission by a factor of 4.8 ⋅ 10-43 for electrons, and 1.6 ⋅ 10-36 for protons. And 2). For a graviton to emerge from an atomic transition requires the orbital quantum number L to change by ± 2, while the total quantum number J changes by 0 or ± 2.

These prerequisites for graviton emission from excited quantum systems were first delineated by Halpern and Laurent in 1964. More recently Giorgio Fontana, (1998, 2002), has discussed the possibility of employing High Temperature Superconductors (HTSC's) for the creation of a gravitational analog of the laser, dubbed the "GASER", for Graviton Amplification and Stimulated Emission of Radiation.. To meet the requirements of the GASER, Fontana realized that a system containing two populations of Cooper-pair electrons separated by an energy level that is characterized by an orbital quantum of ± 2.

Am just recovering from a second strain of the flu this season, having contracted the first one between Christmas and New Years. As I feel better I'll continue on this update. The wide swings in temperature here in New England, USA probably has contributed to its outbreak in this area.

16 April 17 At last the winter has finally loosened its grip, here in New England, having been prolonged by a very below average March. It turned out that March was the coldest month of the entire winter, with copious snow, and incredibly strong winds, invariably from the north, or northwest, funneling intensely cold Canadian arctic are into the northeast USA. Remnant snow piles from the last storm, in early April, still line the side of my driveway, protected by shade from the suns warmth.

With blustery winter cold behind me, I find I have renewed energy, and can once again contemplate pursuing the project's goals. The first order of business will be fabricating specialized fixtures for the new superconductors. Now my unheated basement will be at a much more comfortable working temperature, and in a few weeks I should be able to open the windows for fresh air. Additionally, driving to a Boston area laboratory for testing with liquid helium won't entail hazardous road conditions. In late February I spun out of control in a snow squall created by snow blown off a steep hillside within a narrow gorge. It was only by sheer luck that a vehicle, like a tractor-trailer, was not coming in the opposite direction on the narrow two lane road through the gorge. It was a complete whiteout, and any oncoming vehicle would never have realized I was sliding helplessly broadside in their lane. After about 45 seconds of sheer terror, I was miraculously able to regain control of my car, and exited the zone of zero visibility whiteout, with freshly accumulated snow.

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